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September 25th, 2015

A cable channel in Alaska has suspended a hunting show after the host was charged with poaching. Of course, the same thing happened to the host of a cooking show, who was showing how to poach fish.

A new study reveals when cheaters are most likely to cheat... or, as Tom Brady refers to it: "Kickoff!"

A Maryland farm created a giant corn maze featuring an image of the face of Taylor Swift. Ironically, that field had been recently dumped by another farmer.

When did people start believing that I turned to Facebook for guidance on politics?

A teacher was suspicious because a kid brought a clock to school. I would be, too -- don't most people just look at their phones for the time?

A Colorado restaurant is serving marijuana infused fish. Gives new meaning to the phrase, "Baked Salmon."

The Lakers say that Kobe Bryant will have a strict limit on the number of minutes he will play in each game next season. As always, the toughest part is prying the ball out of his hands to have him come out of the game.

Whirlpool has introduced a dishwasher from Ikea. Won't that be fun putting together?

Jimmy Kimmel says Ben Carson's slow speaking reminds him of the guy who grabbed the wrong drink at Bill Cosby's house.

Volkswagen says some 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide were fitted with software used to cheat on emissions tests in the U.S. Now they'll have to recall all 11-Million of their Volkswagen Patriots.

It was also revealed that Fahrvergnugen is actually German for Belichick.

According to USA TODAY'S GOP Power Ratings, Carly Fiorina has moved ahead of Donald Trump... ironically, by a hair.

The ratings for this year's Emmy awards were the lowest ever. By the way, they were on last Sunday night.

Researchers have found board game pieces at a settlement going back to ancient Rome. Must have been for the game, "Monopolonia."

Baseball great Yogi Berra, who coined the phrase, "It ain't over 'til it's over" is over.

The world's first sandcastle hotel opened in the Netherlands this month, featuring walls and decor made entirely of sand. No, they don't allow cats.

Statistics show that more people are killed each year taking selfies than by a shark attack. Take a selfie with a shark and you're just asking for it!

China's President Xi (she) visited Seattle yesterday and his touring around really gummed up traffic. By the way, President Xi is a he. No Caitlyn Jenner jokes, please.

The Associated Press, on the passing of baseball great Yogi Berra, first reported that "Yogi Bear had died." Talk about a Boo-Boo.

A report says the U.S. Postal Service hasn't made a profit since 2007.  Fortunately they could email the report out so they didn't have to pay for postage. Oh….

McDonald's restaurants in Sweden will start taking reservations for tables. What's next? Valet drivers for the drive-thru?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has ordered the head of the state's National Guard to lose weight.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle a cauldron.

Brian Williams returned to MSNBC to cover the Pope's visit. Things were going great until he recalled the time he was a server at the Last Supper….


  1.     "American Ninja Nuns"
  2.     "Agents of P.T.A."
  3.     "Once upon a stock market"
  4.     "The Zombie Cook Book"
  5.     "I am Donald"


  1.     "Snow White and Three and a Half Men"
  2.     "C.S.I. -- Below the Counter"
  3.     "60 Minutes of Nothing But Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho"
  4.     "Scream if you see the Queen"
  5.     "Dancing with the Dwarves"

Laugh a little, would ya?                 

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