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Our 1,174th Edition
August 22nd, 2018


No, sorry, it's NOT Thursday. This is going out a day early because I'm skipping the country and next week's issue. See you in September.

Oh and if you have 7-minutes to spare, check out this Salute to Frances Hunter I put together for my mom's 90th birthday last weekend.

Starting September 17th, passengers on Southwest Airlines will be allowed to bring along miniature horses as comfort animals. Can aisle racing be far behind?

A report says a record number of people have at least $1 Million in their 401(k) accounts. Here's hoping most of them are relatives.

An Ohio congressman says Mike Pence is the greatest Vice President since John Adams. Well, he's certainly no Schuyler Colfax (#21).

A majority of Americans says that stress is keeping them up at night. I know I'm up a lot at night concerned that I worry too much.

Filmmaker Tony Kaye has cast a robot in the lead of his next feature. Don't worry, even the robot was asking, "Who's Tony Kaye?"

Elon Musk is proposing a tunnel to be built into Dodger Stadium. What some people won't do to save money on tickets...

ESPN says it won't air the National Anthem before Monday Night Football games. As my old weather forecasting friend Ray Ramsey used to always say, "There's no problem too big that you can't run away from it."

A study says eating before a morning workout helps burn carbs. I think the flaw in my plan is obvious. I make time to eat, but by the time I'm done, I've run out of time to exercise.

Melania Trump attended an anti-cyber-bullying conference yesterday. On the way in, she accidentally tripped on the irony.

According to a new study, roughly 20 percent of millennial parents have changed or seriously considered changing their baby's name based on what internet domain names were available at the time. Your parents were among that 20% if your name is Baby-G-and-Me.

Accepting her award at the MTV Video Awards Monday night, J-Lo called Alex Rodriguez her "twin soul." Twins dating? Ew. I guess that would be a fair comparison if you have a twin soul and it had used HGH.

In Seattle, doctors are warning not to vacuum during our current extremely bad air quality. I'm years ahead of them.

You know, people were telling me to put on a mask long before the smokie skies.

Seen on Facebook: Just 10 days until the "ber" months.

If nothing else, we can all take comfort in the fact that Sunday night's 6th Sharknado movie was supposed to be the last.

A plumber in England was stabbed to death for taking too long of a lunch break. Talk about a strict union.

A study says one third of all farmed fruit doesn't make it to store shelves because of its size of shape. Why? Because, let's admit it, you're a shapist.

A UK woman who fell off a cruise ship says she survived ten hours in the ocean by singing. Because she was singing "It's a small world after all", the dolphins all went for help.

Just so you know, you will be WACKY-less next week. On a Norwegian road trip. Will share details when I get back!

You may not find President Trump appealing, but his former attorney and campaign manager are.
Aretha Franklin’s funeral will be a four-day affair at the end of the month. Of all the scheduled speakers, I’m pretty sure Madonna will not be one of them.
The Marines have modified their menu to help soldiers keep their weight down. They’ve also changed their slogan to, “The few. The proud. The Gluten-free.”
Iran has unveiled its first domestically built jet fighter. The trick is going to be launching it with that over-sized sling shot.
Heaven Hill is suing Bob Dylan’s whiskey brand Heaven’s Door for trademark infringement. Bob Dylan defended himself by saying something, but no one could understand what he said.


  1. They've renamed the coffee room after you (It's now the Steve Room)
  2. Starbucks calls you at home on days you don't come in to make sure you're alright
  3. Irma in accounting is complaining about your $100 a month coffee habit
  4. Painting open eyes on your eyelids no longer works
  5. Already interrupted three meetings this week by snoring


  1. Your kids give Father's Day cards to the neighbor
  2. The I.R.S. drops an audit on you because "he's already got enough problems"
  3. The boss asks you to clean out your desk and see him just before 5
  4. President Trump has sent out six Tweets about you
  5. A mafia hit man refuses to start your car
Laugh a little, would ya?
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