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October 19th, 2012

The Obama's dog, Bo, turned 4 this week. That's 1 in presidential terms.

Actually, Bo is hoping he gets a chance to go one on one with the Romney's poodle, Fifi... and I'm not talking about debating.

Some people fear aging. I actually look forward to the day when I'm sitting around in the sunset years of my life, someone says to me, "Remember that old Honey Boo Boo show?" and I'll say, "No... no, not really."

Lindsay Lohan has endorsed Mitt Romney for president. That may be true, but I'm not making any decisions until I hear what Charlie Sheen has to say.

Jeff Dunham married fitness model Audrey Murdick on Friday in Santa Ynez, California. She said "I do"...and then her flowers said, "So do I!"

Congrats to Felix Baumgartner, who set the world's record for the biggest freefall since the value of my home.

Just remember, two's company, three's a sitcom.

The creator of "Friday Night Lights" has accused Mitt Romney of plagiarizing a phrase from the show to use as a campaign slogan. Romney apologized by saying, "Ask not what your country can do for you... "

A fitness instructor in Maine has been charged with running a prostitution business out of her Zumba dance studio. Police became suspicious when they heard a bunch of husbands were willing to go to a Zumba class.

A new study claims that woman are more affected by reading bad news than men are....which is why I'm saying it verbally, so you don't have to read this. I hope that helps.

Mitt Romney has weighed in on the Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj feud. He says that Nick should know better than to pick on a woman.

The Federal deficit has passed a trillion dollars for the fourth year in a row! Thank God we don't have to pay that! Sorry about that, kids.

Yesterday was National Bosses Day! I got him the same thing he got me for National Employee Appreciation Day!

Starbucks is planning to open 220 new stores in Mexico and Argentina. Apparently, it's very popular down there to spend an entire month's wages on a cup of coffee.

New research shows that mice can match the pitch of their voices to blend with one another. Can "The Cheese Factor" or "Rodent Idol" be far behind?

To be completely honest, after going through my binder of candidates, how did we end up with these guys?

I'm waiting for one of the candidates in these debates to say, "You know, Felix Baumgartner wouldn't even take a leap that big!"

In Maine, a woman has been arrested for allegedly running a prostitution ring out of her Zumba classes….or, as they were called back there, her "Zooma-zooma-Zumba" classes.

Now pinch-hitting for Alex Rodriguez-karma!

Apparently, Nike looked at their endorsement deal with Lance Armstrong & said, "Just screw it!"


  1.     A Zombie Campaign Worker
  2.     A Tax In Grease
  3.     A Chauffeur (dress like Lindsay Lohan)
  4.     A Vampire named Joe Biten
  5.     A Mitt Mumney


  1.     Cuba Gooding Jr. Mints
  2.     Joe Biden Snickers
  3.     Reese's Feces
  4.     Three Musty Ears
  5.     Bit O' Broccoli's

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