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April 18th, 2014

Hillary Clinton was speaking at the Mandalay Casino in Las Vegas when a woman in the crowd threw a shoe at her. You have to wonder which ex Mrs. Rush Limbaugh it was.

You heard about that shoe being thrown at Hillary Clinton? Worst Nike commercial EVER!

There was a 7.1-magnitude earthquake by Papua New Guinea. Mama New Guinea apparently slept right through it.

Oh, "Throwback Thursday"... not "Throw Out Your Back" Thursday. I was confused.

This whole Heartbleed thing is giving me Heartburn.

I had a rough childhood. I remember when my Care Bear said he didn't.

A math blogger says he's figured out "the world's favorite number." It turns out that it's "7." Well, that's great. But you're still a math blogger.

Apparently a lot of people are naming their kids after characters from "Game of Thrones." To think, 20 years from now, we could be laughing at a messed-up comedian named Red Wedding.

North Korea is negotiating to broadcast the "Teletubbies." Really, not that surprising when the national BFF is Dennis Rodman.

Tuesday was the income tax deadline. Also, the "Blood Moon." Coincidence?

Kate Upton told an interviewer that she hates her boobs. OK, there's one vote.

A study says that children who play violent video games have more aggressive behavior and thoughts. Oh, sure, parents could tell them to stop playing video games so much, but why take that chance?

Selena Gomez has fired her mom as her manager. Should be a very awkward Easter this year.

As Fridays go, this is a Good one.

Kate Upton is now saying that she never said she wanted smaller boobs.  We have something in common.

A study says that men are more unhappy when they reach age 70.  So, I suppose there's the upside of not making it to 70.

A new study claims that the brain peaks at age 24…although, if I may be honest, I was peeking long before that.


  1.     Stupid ("Come here, Stupid" would just tick him off)
  2.     Harmless
  3.     Bite Me
  4.     Flower
  5.     Snuggles


  1.     Old Plastic Grass
  2.     The Egg Man
  3.     The Dentist's Best Friend
  4.     E.B. Hopper
  5.     Herr Hare
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