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Our 1,100th Edition
March 17th, 2017

It's the weekend we complain about losing an hour's sleep.
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A Wisconsin couple was arrested for allegedly stealing 100,000 diapers from a diaper bank. Hopefully this bank only takes new deposits.

A study says yoga can help fight depression. That seems like a stretch.

A study says pot and booze are tied to lower college grades. Yes, that topic needed a study.

We've got a St. Patrick's Day coming up this week and it's on a Friday. How is that a good idea?

Hard to believe that today is the 20th Anniversary of my planning to start working out at the gym. I should probably celebrate by starting to work out at the gym.

The California state bar has approved an ethics rule subjecting lawyers to discipline for having sex with their clients. Great -- now I have to go back to

Pope Francis I has signaled an openness to allowing married men to serve as priests. The old joke is, "Why not? They already know about heaven."

I've got to fill out my brackets today. It's the only way I can experience March Sadness.

A couple from my buddy Skip Tucker:

  •  Is it just me, or do Buffalo Wings taste an awful lot like chicken?
  • How creepy would it be to discover Orville Redenbacher learned about corn popping in podiatry school?
  • Okay, so in hindsight, holding a ticker-tape parade to honor our city's street-cleaning crew was probably a bad idea.
In Brazil, the president there has moved out of the official residence because of a ghost problem. In a related story, ghosts are moving out of the White House because of a president problem.

Thursday—the day your brackets became no longer perfect.
The voice on the radio just said, “Rain and 46.” I don’t know if the 46 was the temperature, or the number of days since it last didn’t rain.
A study says that the pay gap between men and women will disappear by the 23rd century. I can hardly wait.
The Congressional Budget Office didn’t have very good things to say about President Trump’s healthcare plan. So, the president got to work on the problem right away: and started working on getting rid of the Congressional Budget Office.

According to a new study from the University of London, people think they are nicer than they really are. So, shut up!

A Nor'easter has hit the upper east coast. An opportunity to put on your Nor'easter bonnet.

Did you ever go through your feed on Facebook and think to yourself, "Who are these people?"

There are few things as sweet in life as using a Groupon the day it expires. Close call.

Restrictions always apply, but they never get the job.

It seems my microwave WAS spying on me, but it couldn't take pictures because the popcorn was always in the way.

A big snowstorm is hitting back east, while in Seattle, they're experiencing what they call "a Pineapple Express." Not to be confused with a Pineapple Espresso.

I hear they're working on a spinoff of "This is Us" and planning to call it "We're not them!"

There's a new study that claims we actually remember things better when we drink alcohol. Don't remember who did the study...

New research just came out that finds that consuming potatoes and alcohol can lower your sperm count. Oh, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
And now time for that traditional Irish classic, “Wee are family!”

The Fed increased interest rates by a quarter of one percent, which matches your interest rate in this show.
The State Department is warning U.S. students about the dangers of spring break travel to Mexico. This warning has been brought to you by the State of Florida tourism office.
A study says parenthood is linked to a longer life. Even, if not in years, what you get will just seem longer.
Cheech Marin has written a new memoir.  Seriously, who would think that he would be able to remember enough to write a book.
In Monroe, Washington, someone donated an old ice chest to Goodwill…not realizing that the whole thing was packed with marijuana.  They’re trying to track down the donor and are looking for someone with an incredibly large bummer.
  1. Your mom just said she apologizes, but needed the reward money
  2. You saw a commercial on TV for "America's Most Wanted" and you were the lead story
  3. I wonder who the guy on the bullhorn is outside
  4. I'm pretty sure that's a tear gas container that just came through the window
  5. Well, there's that S.W.A.T. on your front lawn
  1. You get a personal thank you note from Guinness
  2. They've named an Irish Whiskey drink after you
  3. There's video on YouTube of you Leprechaun bowling
  4. You vaguely remember meeting St. Patrick. No, seriously, the real St. Patrick!
  5. Well, there's that shamrock ankle tattoo for starters.
Laugh a little, would ya?
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